Wednesday, 29 August 2007

My Sacred Life - A Kitchen Garden

Helen is lucky enough to live on five acres where she has recently begun cultivating a kitchen garden. I am very envious and interested in its progress, as I have always wanted one of my own. We live on a fairly shady block which is not conducive to growing fruit and vegetables, so our 'kitchen garden' consists of one very hardy lemon tree, a very healthy looking rosemary plant and some garlic chives. Even so, there's no better feeling than going outside to pick sprigs of fragrant rosemary from my own garden to sprinkle over meat and vegetables for roasting, the flavour and freshness is just wonderful.

Soon, I hope to plant a tahitian lime tree in a tub for our sunny patio, as we in fact eat more limes than lemons. I will also plant another patio tub with summer grape tomatoes, which are bite size, sweet and juicy and have a high yield. I'm sounding like a farmer already!


  1. Dear Patti,
    It is amazing that you can grow citrus trees in your kitchen garde! I also have some rosemary but it is in a very bad shape in comparison to yours, doesn't get enough sun. Especially because we had and have a very wet summer here.
    I like your blog a lot, have been visiting for some time now.
    Have a nice day

  2. go farmer patti!! i can grow rosemary - i love it on the barbie - but lemons???

  3. I agree there is not much in this world more satisfying than being able to walk right outside your kitchen door to pinch off a few basil leaves or pick fruit that has just ripened. I would consider that a dream come true.

  4. Rosemary is so versatile, and IMHO, goes with pretty much anything...good for you, Patti!

  5. You are so amazing! Is there anything you don't do well?!

    If I thought for a moment that Sunny would leave a lemon tree alone, I would go for it. They look too much like tennis balls.

  6. Oh what I wouldn't give for a lemon in my's been a fantasy of mine for years to have a garden somewhere with oranges and lemons...but I do have loads of rosemary!

  7. It would be so cool to be able to grow limes and lemons in the garden. I just moved to a different climate so am still learning what flourishes here. Nurturing that farmer girl energy is incredibly rewarding on so many levels. :)


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