Monday, 13 August 2007

Tree Magic

"Hope Tree" - the colours look like neon when the light is on the painting.

This weekend was definitely t-shirt weather - very warm in Oz, I actually got sunburnt watching a soccer match on Saturday. It is nearing the end of soccer season and my son looks like getting into the finals, so lots of excitement there. The garden is beginning to sprout - freesias, snowdrops and violets everywhere. My neighbour's magnolia tree next door I can see from where I sit here at the computer. It is in full bloom - just lovely.

Morning walks are such a pleasure when the weather is so good. So that's where Jess and I are going now..............



  1. That picture is so pretty!
    And yes, I love leisurely walks in the summer mornings, when I don't have to rush to be anywhere.

  2. The brightness rocks!!! Very taken with this creation.

  3. So lovely to see your seasons change so beautifully.
    Here it is still monsoon weather, with thunderstorms forecast for the next week. Humidity is 91%. We had a near-typhoon last Friday night. Wish I was back in Sydney for some real winter/spring sunshine......

  4. I've known this forever, but I still can't get my head around the fact that we have late summer whilst you have MAGNOLIA blossom out...! Daft aren't I! Your photo made me miss Spring.

    Two more fab pictures Patti, the Hope Tree and Fly To The Moon. I LOVE your colours :-)

  5. That tree is luminous, must be nearly time you got a stall at a local market....

  6. I LOVE your Hope Tree - great colors, oh vibrant one!
    Fall is approaching - my fave time of year. How nice it will be to feel coolness and see the changing of the foliage!


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