Thursday, 16 August 2007

Recent Pastimes

listening to: Joni Mitchell 'Blue' album.

'A Wrinkle in Time' by Madeleine L'Engle - this is children's literature published in 1962. The book is said to reflect the tyranny of conformity rife at that time i.e. communism. But for kids, it is simply a magical time travelling story about a planet with an evil brain called "It". On the side of good are three adorable creatures called Mrs.Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who. The heroine 'Meg', who struggles with being different from everyone else, is left only with her faults and her love, to rescue her small brother from certain peril . I don't need to tell you that love does conquer all in the end and Meg learns to accept herself. If you're into possibility thinking, you won't be able to help thinking about "what if" we really could time travel - mind boggling! Children's literature has a lot to offer even when you're all grown up.

researching: Australian artist Ken Done on the net. Like me, he is big on colour and I am hoping to learn some of his colour secrets by studying his paintings. I have been lucky enough to visit his gallery at the Rocks in Sydney - just wonderful. No one paints the spirit of the city of Sydney quite so well. I really enjoyed his site as he gives a commentary on the background of each painting.

journalling: This is an ink drawing of the beautiful Jess. She's a bundle of energy, so I was lucky to capture her while we were quietly sitting on the deck in the sunshine.


  1. Life sounds good Patti, I like your drawing of Jess, different for you but really like her :)

  2. Awesome drawing!
    And I like the sounds of that book.
    Some of the best stories to read are for kids, and so I enjoy reading to my daughter a lot!
    And YAY! to the great and powerful Joni!!!

  3. I first ran across A Wrinkle In Time when I worked in an elementary school library...and it was very popular with the kids, although I didn't read it myself. I believe it was a Newberry Award winner as well.

    Great sketch of your dog too! He looks very sweet.

  4. beautiful drawing! I should listen to Jon Mitchell's Blue again.

  5. We have all loved that book.
    Now read The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Something-long-and-unpronouncable-. This is time travel for grown ups. It is an emotional and deep journey- about the best I've read for ages. Cate has it on her shelf I think.
    I'm waiting for her next book...........

  6. BLUE - one of my forever all time faves!
    Love your ink work of your pooch!
    Just returned from Chicago - GREAT conference with lots of Art-seeing!

  7. Your post is so filled with warmth and spirit! It's funny you mentioned Madeleine L'Engle -- she is on my list of books to get next time I'm at a bookstore. And your ink drawing is the sweetest -- Jess looks adorable. Oh, and your "Hope Tree" painting below looks so beautiful -- I love the colors you use.

  8. Thanks for all your nice comments - big smile and a hug :-)
    It is nice to have some support and feedback at such times , you give me faith. Added to which you understand the true secret to a good cup of tea ;-)

  9. P.S. Thanks for mentioning Ken Done - what a great discovery! I think he might provide me with some great inspiration... Well Done Patti!

  10. this drawing is SO gaze-at-able...and what a wonderful post that combines A Wrinkle in Time w/ Joni's Blue album. Great post...glad I happened upon it.


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