Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Blogger Reflections Award

Elizabeth has nominated me for the "Blogger Reflections Award". Thank you for your lovely words Lizzie!

The idea is: reflect on five bloggers and write at least a paragraph about each one. Then leave a message on their blog to say they have been nominated. I could easily write about all the blogs on my blogroll, they give me daily inspiration which I am so grateful for. However, I have selected four;

Elizabeth who of course nominated me, must receive a mention. She is an artist of very high calibre whose life-like work of animals and even cup cakes (!) is enchanting. Lizzie encourages other artists out there to have confidence in their creativity.

Kate from Thru My Lens Lightly is a gracious, creative blogger, a generous spirit, who delivers such interesting posts time after time. Kate's digital art is always beautiful - go take a look!

Mich from The Road To Infinite Bliss is a friendly, warm hearted soul who has created a virtual circle Rainbow Dreams, for women who wish to share their spiritual journey. Mich believes in the power of the Chakra Dance and helps other women search for the beautiful goddess within.

Cate from Serendipity . A talented teacher of children, she has always tackled the world creatively and with true spirit. Cate lives by "Improv Wisdom's" maxims, with which she titles her posts.

There - I could go on and on, but this will do for now.


  1. Thanks Patti for your very kind words!

    I so enjoy your reading your blog and absolutely love your art!


  2. I am truly touched, Pat - I love the way blogging has brought us closer together. We would sit over coffee and chat like that if we didn't live so far from eachother. Hey, check out this organisation for womaen bloggers:

  3. THANK YOU so much for the return nomination - I'm truly touched too, by the lovely compliments :-)

    Now I also have some great new sites to visit; I shall be adding the blogs you have nominated to my own blog roll asap.
    What a wonderful circle - blogging is FAB! Hugs, Lizzi

  4. Patti, thank you so very much for your very kind compliments! I feel so honoured that you thought of me and even more honoured that you consider me a friend of the family!! It really does feel that way for me!

    Isn't it funny how we can make these connections over time and distance and yet have never 'met' each other? I echo Elizabeth's comment "what a wonderful circle...blogging is FAB!

  5. Nice to catch up on your blogs and to see your latest creations - artist and poet! It has been a whirlwind fpr me lately. Good to be back home, but I'm off to Chicago for a week - in a few short days. Keep on keeping on!

  6. Patti, I just subscribed to Rainbow Dreams. It looks beautiful, one way to connect with others on a spiritual journey :)


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