Sunday, 26 August 2007

My Sacred Life

Carla from Zena Musings has begun my sacred life So I am happy to be joining in and will make a regular posting of those things around me that I find sacred.

My first photo is 'Sylvie's Pot'. Sylvie was a long time friend of my husbands family. The families lived next door to each other for many years. Both families were filled to the brim with six kids, both families were struggling to make ends meet, both families were filled with loads of love. Sylvie was like a second mother to my husband and his brothers and sisters and they are all still close to this day and share so many childhood memories.

When we moved into our first home 25 years ago, Sylvie visted and brought with her as a house warming present, a pot that she had made in pottery class. It was planted with a cactus, which only bloomed every second year and then only briefly. But it was all the more beautiful because of this. Years later the cactus died and I replaced it with an african violet. The pot is not symmetrical and leans a bit to the side, but to me, it has always exuded such character and 'attitude', and I have always looked after it as though it was from the Ming Dynasty. Sylvie also had loads of character and attitude, but still remained a gentle and creative soul. She died a couple of years ago with cancer, only months after her husband died, leaving a great hole behind. The pot has always been special to me and I think of Sylvie every time I look at it.


  1. I loved reading your heartfelt sharing about why this pot is so sacred to you, patti. And I recognize it as having been a subject of your artwork! I, too, have things I look at daily, reminding me of the special ones who have gone before.

  2. I love things like this that have such meaning in our lives...these are the the things were truly treasure because of the memories. Thanks for sharing Patti and glad you're taking part in the Sacred Life project too.

  3. Beautiful -- the pot, your story, and how you connect with Sylvie every time you look at it. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. You did a wonderful job in sharing the emotion that so simple an item as a flower pot became embued with.

    Thanks for the photo, and especially for the words which gave it such meaning.


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