Wednesday, 1 August 2007

True Self

I have been doing lots of journalling, supposedly with the idea of creating a different style.......

....... but I just can't help myself, I love these black outlines and vibrant colour.

Have you ever tried to be demure and reserved when you really love to live with gusto? Or tried to be neat and fastidious when you're really quite messy and easy going? I have discovered that I always default to who I really am, ending up being true to myself, which is not such a bad thing. So I continue on with the journalling which is so good for creative brainstorming and finding new ways to inspire. I will not give up trying though and if a new me does sneak out and surprise me, I'll let you know!


  1. I love your work Patti. When I see the colours in your paintings I just feel their vibrancy and .... I can't put into words how they make me feel....I guess I feel uplifted and energised! Your snake was just so simple yet so powerful and this face is striking. I would love to have them on my wall - by the way I really like the new slideshow.

  2. I just love your work too - the snake is fantastic! It would be interesting if there was a sudden change of style, but really I secretly hope not, because what you do already is so vibrant and full of energy/life. Perhaps the journal will make the 'you' we see in your work sharper and even clearer...?

    I think daily journally is really good for keeping those creative juices flowing, 'good' days and 'bad' days it gets us on the page and out of our heads..... IN FACT you have made me want to do some journalling, whilst I am in my present artistic limbo land
    Do you sketch/paint/doodle/do all and everything?

  3. sorry ... "daily journalling" not " journally" ! :-)

  4. Oh, go for the Gusto! What beautiful work! I am in love with the snake that slithered through on your slide show - very aboriginal/oroboros...Aboriginal art and our own Native American petroglyphs in the southwest just enchant me - and you really captured the energy! Thanks for visiting me so I could find you! I know I wanted to slide through Lizzie's list, alas time doesn't always allow. I'll be back!


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