Monday, 26 November 2007

Art Every Day - Sand Castle

This was my piece of creativity this morning. Come join me on my morning walk....

It looked quite gloomy as we arrived.......

But as we walked, the clouds drifted away and the sun shone.......

I am truly lucky to be able to come here every morning .....

Some people get to live the dream.......

Time to go home and wash the sand off our feet and have morning coffee with apricot toast.


  1. I cannot tell you how this sand castle filled me with glee. There is just something about no sand castle I've ever seen. Thank you!!!

  2. I loved going on your morning walk with you, Patti. So beautiful...and peaceful as well! Blessings, O

  3. ....dying of envy!
    Such beautiful pics...thanks for taking me on this beach walk with you.

  4. great walk, you really live in a dream-place! The sandart is wonderful too:) I clicked on it and it came so close that I wanted to touch it....

  5. Love the curls on top of the what looks to me to be a hat someone threw down on the beach. HOw fun to play in the sand and to walk on such a gorgeous beach. Makes me long for Cape Cod. Breathe deeply. Namaste.

  6. Thanks for the walk, my friend! What a beautiful spot! You even managed to incorporate patterning in your sand art - truly YOU!

  7. I am very envious- wish I could share the walk every morning (and the apricot toast and coffee!)
    My dog Isaac would LOVE it, and he'd get along well with Jess.
    Take me along in your imagination tomorrow.

  8. Makes me miss SO California Beaches where we came from. When they are empty like this.

  9. Oh I have been craving time at the beach thank you for taking me there through your photos and words...lovely! Beverly

  10. Can I fully express just how maginificent a place this looks to me... probably not, but lucky you!!!

    I'm dying to know if you live VERY close to the beach, overlooking it or a mile or two away?

    Great seascapes - I can smell the ozone from here almost. Very pretty sand castle :-)

  11. Oh, I missed this one. A Sand castle!! I LOVE sandcastles. And the beach. Possibly I love sandcastles because you really MUST be at the beach to do a proper one (where else would the little curlicues come from?!). How lucky you are. I only get to do this for a week or so out of the year. How jealous am I!


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