Monday, 19 November 2007

Seven Random Things About Me

Both Kelly - 'Kikipotamus the Hobo' and Eileen - 'The Dream', have tagged me to reveal 'Seven Random Things About Me'. This is how it goes;

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1. I am in love with my Gonstead Chiropractor! After years of headaches/fog and neck pain following two separate car accidents, which has impacted on every area of my life, I decided to seek alternative treatment. To finally be clear headed and free from pain is just amazing. Feeling so good has led to 2 and 3.

2. I have just given up alcohol and become a vegetarian again after a six year break.

3. I have begun walking 2-3 kilometres every morning on the beach, followed by a swim, with Jess the Border Collie. Between us we have six salt and sand encrusted sore legs, gallons of ozone in our lungs, healthier appetites, mild sunburn, a car full of sand and deep sleeps!

4. I frequently move the furniture around. I just love change and any time I begin to feel stagnant I change my enviroment, keeping Feng Shui in mind. I've been doing this all of my life and it works every time! This weekend our computer desk was moved under a window, so we can look out at my neighbour Bill's garden. This is excellent when you need to rest your eyes to avoid computer eye-strain.

5. My first car was a pale green Mini I bought second hand for $400, known as 'Irving'. The accelerator pedal was so small I could only fit my big toe on it! You could park it anywhere. We had many fine times together, one of which was holding up steamy summer midday traffic for many kilometres, when Irving got a vapour lock and refused to move. A burly and sweaty truck driver pushed us off the road while we waited for the NRMA.

6. I love to browse in Op Shops and one of my dreams is to own a Secondhand Furniture/Bric Brac shop. Old furniture and wares have so many interesting stories to tell and new lives to take on (often involving a paintbrush!). And it's recycling - saving the planet.

7. I have hand fed a giraffe. They have such gentle eyes!

Seriously, absolutely everyone I know has been tagged. So if you're reading this and you want to join in, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Great list! I also had re-arranging the furniture on my list.

  2. You hand fed a giraffe?! Cooooool! I also love elephant's eyes - their lashes are amazing!

    My first car was named "Canned Heat" - a 1969 Thunderbird with suicide doors, which could fit 13 friends comfortably. Crazy times!

    Jess is beautiful! How wonderful that you two are all about spending a lot of time together - being healthy!

    All the best with the veg head/no alcohol deal! I was a vegan for five years; my husband and daughter both are, so maybe I'll board the train again.

  3. Patti, I am impressed by your health---diet and exercise---changes! What an overhaul! I wish you the very best in your endeavors, and take inspiration from your journey. I enjoyed reading your post to get to know more about you, xxoo, O

  4. #2 and 3 are soooo healthful and sound just wonderful. I know my time for doing something similar is coming soon.

  5. Interesting facts, great list! Thanks for sharing. I like the stories you tell:). And Jess is so cute, he looks as if he like it there in the water...
    Have a great day, I cannot believe it is spring there

  6. Your walks sound great
    Patti, I'm afraid I can't be totally vego, although today I had a vegeburger for lunch at a cafe and it was yummy.


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