Saturday, 24 November 2007

Art Every Day - Big Yellow Cat

Back in the creative groove again! The 'Big Yellow Cat' is a journal page. I will create a few more pages with cats as the subject, so that I can play with colours more and eventually a painting will emerge. I have been sneaking up on Phoebe, our black cat, with my camera, in the hope of getting some interesting poses to work with. Being a cat, she is not very co-operative and keeps turning her back on me!


  1. I love the cat- he looks like one of mine- Mozart- with a slightly siamese-y face.
    I love the second mandala- the pointy one makes me feel like a migraine is coming on- interesting but a little dangerous...

  2. I love this cat. I love to color of him too. Cant wait to see what you come up with next in this series. ;)

  3. To repeat others, I love this cat too. Especially the color in contrast with the design behind him. Will make a fab painting methinks.

    PS thanks for reminding me who said she felt "married to herself."

    Great that you are focused on being healthy. Best, Suki

  4. Hi Patty, Ohh I just love this painting! I love the colours (as I always like your colours which sing life:) and the cat's eyes, it's look. This green is speaking to me!
    Iguess today at least 4 of my blogfriends including you and me draw or painted or talked about our cat. They are magical. So is your painting!
    Have a great day,

  5. Love the big cat! As always, great work.

  6. GREAT CAT! Cool patterning - you are so groovy!

  7. Really nice. The colors are fabulous and it is a striking composition.


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