Monday, 12 November 2007

Art Every Day

I have been playing with more banner hopefuls. My life has had it's ups and downs lately and I haven't been able to find my happy, creative place quite so easily, just when I've signed up for Art Every Day!

But today I felt it all coming back and managed to produce these, in between some blue sky day gardening.

Lots of sunshine after a week or so of rain and cooler temperatures has made it hard to stay inside. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on the beach and walked from one end to the other, inhaling salt spray and sunshine. Due to an on-shore wind there were loads of blue bottles and jelly fish in the water and on the sand. Today I feel quite revived!

Eileen has been asking where my self-portrait is! It was promised many posts back and I apologise for not yet delivering. I would like to do some more sketching too, so maybe a self-portrait sketch soon.


  1. Glad you are back a bit away from where you were feeling glum. Ocean walks are excellent for changing the body/mind chemistry, me thinks. I esp. like the first banner. All are lovely though

  2. I took inspiration from your giving yourself permission to take a break, Patti. I am just learning to do this. I need to be near the breaking point before I revive, and am wanting to break this. Thank you for this refreshing post! Love, O

  3. The colours speak for themselves.
    Keep walking on that beach- whatever the weather. See my blog for inspiration- just love aussie beaches. That is where the oxygen is, it clears your mind and refreshes the spirits.

  4. Life - ups and downs. I seem to have a bit of that going on myself these days. My son, my X, not great decisions. Me - staying in the Letting Go mode and remaining grateful. It IS what it is. Your banner-fest is super great and makes me smile. Salt air ... oh yeah! Looking forward to seeing YOU as YOU see YOU.

  5. More beautiful banners, and how nice it is to live by the beach! Have a good day and I hope you'll have your happy creative place right there. Andrea


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