Friday, 9 November 2007

Art Every Day - Banners

Many of you have asked what crayons I use. They are actually Micador (an Australian Brand) Oil Pastels. So maybe I've led you astray and they are'n't actually crayons as such (?) All I know is, the palette is varied and vibrant, that they are messy and creamy and I love em!

I've missed a couple of days posting, partly because my other half is on holidays and we share the computer, so my computer time is halved, and partly because I became side-tracked trying to work out how to make a new banner for my blog. It is clear to me now (I hope!) and as soon as I create something worthy of a banner I will make the changes.

I want to use something colourful and vibrant to represent the kind of art I create, so I am using Art Every Day - the whole of November, to play with banners. Fun and games! So here is a little of what I have been playing with. More ideas to come.........


  1. WOW! Banner fiesta! These make me feel light and happy!
    And here I thought you meant good ol' Crayola Crayons ... I kept trying to figure out how you were able to create these works without waxy patches.
    Hey, any progress on your new self portrait?

  2. These are super lovely, bright and breezy, I can't wait to see more (and to see which one you choose....)

    Ah ha! Oil pastels... that would account for the mess!

  3. oo, i love the banner with the flowers!

  4. i LOVE the colourful vibrancy of your blog, patti :o)
    i stop by regularly, but blogger is sooo temperamental about letting me comment...

  5. OH. Oil Pastels!!!! I love oil pastels and yes they are messy, have more vibrant colors than crayons and do get on the hands. Some of the collages on my blog are made w/oil pastels which I often dilute on the page with turp and linseed oil in part so the final collage won't be so sticky.

    Love your banner ideas and look fwd to seeing the final choice. Wonderful you are computer savy enough to do that. I think maybe one needs computer stuff I don't have to make a banner.zctyx

  6. Love your Banners Patti, I always get put off by the complexity of adding a banner but I must persevere - its really too left brained for me :)

  7. oh Patti, I am loving all this color bursts - and the art that shapes them.
    Simply Delicious! ...makes me smile to just to see them :)

  8. Hi Patty, these are all beautiful. I think my favourite is the ast one:) I just love those colours!


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