Friday, 23 November 2007

Art Every Day - Wellness Mandalas

I have missed quite a few Art Every Day posts, mostly because my heart and my head have been focused on fitness, health and well being these past couple of weeks, instead of sitting down to make art. I think I should have signed up for Wellness Wednesday, not Art Every Day ! (lol) Ah well, there are a few days left of November.

Here are a couple of wellness mandalas, which I made as an experiment to see if I could spot any difference between the old me and the new me (post chiropractor) in them. Many of my earlier mandalas were off centre. The second one was made a week ago, the first one today. I can see a difference in them already.

I found this excerpt from the book "Peace is Every Step" by Thich Nhat Hanh and my new wellness mantras are;

Breathe, you are alive!



  1. A magical Mandala, good luck with your health programme Patti - I went back to my Yoga Video today after a long absence and I am glad the teacher kept reminding me to breathe........

  2. It is fascinating to see the change via the mandala, Patti, wow. Beautiful, beautiful. I want to encourage you on your healthful path!

    Healthy wishes and love,


  3. Wonderful mandalas AND mantras!

  4. So glad you are more centered! And you can still sign up for Wellness Wednesday!

  5. These mandalas are so vibrant, alive and healthy! Amazing the way a shift in you = a shift in the mandalas! Cool!


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