Friday, 2 November 2007

Art Every Day

God likes art.
That's the part
My parents would ignore.
God likes art,
And I make art.
That's what God likes me for.
Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

I have decided to join Leah and many others in "Art Every Day", where you post something, anything, creative, every day for the month of November. I am a day late starting, but maybe the time difference will work in my favour here!

Also, I have cheated and posted a colour pencil sketch of some cheerful and gorgeous day lilies I did a while back. Today's artwork was attempted but not successful. Not a good start, I know, but as Scarlett said, tomorrow is another day!

By the way, my mother and father always supported and encouraged me totally in my creativity and I love them for it. I chose the poem because I loved the spirit of creating art, simply because you were meant to and because you love it.


  1. Artists play a very, very special and sacred role on this planet. I am grateful for each one of you.

  2. Day lillies! Awesome! Sorry things didn't work out for you on Day One - not every day can be a successful art day, unfortunately. I love that your parents encouraged you and that you have quite a cheering section ... consider me to be one them, my friend!

  3. I like your day lillies even if they weren't done yesterday. ;)
    Thanks for your comment on my day one drawing. Yep I need to get over the perfection thing.. thanks for pointing that out. ;)
    Welcome to the Art Everyday Month.

  4. the lilies are lovely! and don't worry about a bad start, there's no such thing. you're right, each day is a new day. just have fun with it, no matter what you do! :-) xox

  5. Love these cheerful daylilies and esp like the contrasting blue lines as background.

  6. YEAY!!! My favourite Aussie is joining in too ... hurray! I've had a wobbley start too, so you have company :-) I like your lillies.

  7. I will enjoy checking in on your daily art postings...I've got the paints, brushes and blank canvases..pretty soon, I'm going to sit down and play. Thanks for the continous inspiration to do so!

  8. These Lilies are such a fine start. You really have a way with colours!


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