Thursday, 8 April 2010

Big Fish

A Big Fish (water-colour & water-colour pencil). I'm not happy about the green in this, it looks a little out of place. I will probably change it to blue or blue/green or maybe even purple - what do you think?

As soon as I began making the scales on the fish, more inspiration came rolling in. One thing tends to lead to another. You just have to keep putting something, anything, on the paper or canvas in front of you, then ideas slip into your mind. For me fish led to vegetables (don't ask how!)

I'm now making another painting/drawing of vegetables growing in a vegie patch. Colourful and decorative, even when they're beneath the ground! Stay tuned...


  1. the green seems to leap forward. but i wouldnt have thought of it had you not mentioned it. lovely fish.

  2. Love the fish ! I have a pond full of orange koi in a stained glass piece I did in my bathroom. This guy looks like he swam his way into you mind from there !
    (kind of agree about the green- maybe go to the aquas instead - then this handsome guy is the star !)
    Feeling very crappy today but your colors made me smile ! Thanks for that !

  3. A beauty, just waiting to jump out into the sun for a moment. I quite like the green but it could go more aqua- sometimes the sea is a jade green just like this.
    I'm off to my colour theory class today so will focus on green and aqua.............


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