Sunday, 11 April 2010

Water colour & water-colour pencils
Vegetables under the ground, pushing through the layers of soil as they grow, happily (my vegetables are organic!) absorbing all those lovely nutrients.

We often think of ourselves as only growing upwards into the sunlight, though simultaneously we are growing deeply, down inside, where no one else can see. A richer kind of growth.

I'm itching to do more water colour, but first we have a Sunday soccer match to watch and there is an acrylic painting in my studio, only just started, that needs some attention. Lots to look forward to today!


  1. Helen Jane Morley11 April 2010 at 12:37

    Patti this really special, I love the way you have painted the earth in layers and the colours of the veges underground.

    Good to see your slide is back, all your Blog followers love it :)

  2. I love how you show the richness of interior growth with this, Patti. I love your art, as always, O

  3. so colorful and filled with meaning

  4. Interesting - I never think about growing roots - only about reaching towards the sun. Perhaps I do need to think a bit more about the root part...

  5. Your art work is absolutely LOVEly..I LOVE it!!

    Big hugs!


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