Monday, 19 April 2010

Painting Outside

'succulent' - watercolour pencils

This succulent I transplanted from a larger plant recently and it sits in a terracotta pot in the backyard. It is doing really well and on Saturday the sun was shining onto our deck and the sky was clear & blue. What else would you do, but take your water colour pencils & brushes outside to do some painting?

After I paint or draw something that's in front of me like this, I always have a very strong sense afterwards that I 'know' the subject intimately, whether it be something mundane like a teaspoon, or a living thing like this plant.

It's as though that information has been scanned into my 'computer' and the information is forever there, to be re-called at any time in the future. It would be interesting to try this exercise and see if I can re-paint the plant from my 'photographic' memory.


  1. interesting thoughts about coming to know that which we look at so intensely. I think we can also know things through imagination, however it is a different sort of knowing. Yet, maybe the resultant drawing would be similar?

  2. Isn't it wonderful that you have taken the time to "know" a subject, an object, intimately through the art making process ? I don't think anyone but an artist can say that...
    Happy painting, Artist-Girl.


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