Tuesday, 16 December 2008

ask, believe, receive...

i had lunch with my friend jenny last week, at a cafe in a group of shops known as the 'gnostic village'. while browsing through a book shop, jenny, who works as a holistic health practitioner with a focus on energy psychology, recommended 'spontaneous healing of belief'- shattering the paradigm of false limits by gregg braden. so i bought it.

in between vegetarian lasagne, a liver cleanser juice and later a pot of chai (all recommended) and a vegan muffin (not recommended!), we happily spent a few hours discussing how our reality can be affected by our thoughts & beliefs. how powerful the mind is. how much more powerful the heart is & how important it is in the decision making process.

the book likens the universe to a large ancient computer. the message is that we participate in creating our reality, at the same time that we are observing it. we can alter the 'program' at any time, thereby influencing the outcome. shades of 'the secret', louise hay and eckhart tolle. interesting!

after giving us ways of identifying our beliefs, braden gives us a simple formula: live as if you already have what it is you want, believe it in your heart, be grateful for it, then be prepared to receive it. amen!
pic: 'seashells' ink & water colour.


  1. Love your painting and your header. Glad you had a lovely lunch with yr friend. There is a healing event in itself. Thanks for the tip on the book. Sounds good. As does the luncheon foods. Be well and have peace and joy in this holiday time.

  2. Patti, I love your painting...it's you, your style as I know it but it's softer than anything I've seen you do before. I LOVE all your brightly coloured pictures too, but this one has a sweet, gentle feel to it and works just as successfully as the others. Beautiful!

    I've read some of Greg Braden and enjoy his books. His approach is balenced beautifully between the spiritual and scientific. I'll look out for this one.

  3. I too love your work, Patti. Very much.

    I looked at the Greg Braden book and ordered it...it looks fascinating!

    Love, O

  4. Wise words, Patti. Now I need to believe in them and make them happen. Growing up my Mom always said to think positive, speak positive, hear positive and all you need will be yours.

    I love your shells!


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