Saturday, 6 December 2008

summer saturday

some artwork (watercolour & ink) created for a friend to cheer her up. i have set up a corner of a spare room with an art table, so i'm back making art again.

today was 35 deg C or in other words, a bloody hot summer day! i kept cool by playing with watercolours, changing my blog template (after lots of messing around, but fun) and by doing some gentle yoga in the afternoon. afterwards i made a cool lentil salad with homegrown cucumbers and tomatoes, and a fresh tub of hummous to keep in the refrigerator.

at dinner time, a cool breeze began to waft in through the back door. relief. it is now 8pm and the crickets make an endless chirp as the sky begins to darken. the rest of the neighbourhood is peaceful. inside our house lauren is busy in the kitchen cooking - i smell baked sweet potato and fresh basil chopped for bruschetta. max is drinking a quiet beer after a long day at work. there is no electric guitar in the background tonight - phil is staying at a friends house. no tv. christmas lights on the house across the street change from blue to red to yellow, flashing fast, then slow. gardenias perfume the air. i love summer!


  1. That is a gorgeous piece of art work!

    I have to tell you, Patti, I'm pretty jealous of your hot weather. It's -8C (yes, that is MINUS 8) here. I have not lived anywhere this darn cold in well over 26 years. What was I thinking??

    Really like your new blog look. Are those pink peonies in the banner? Love them!

  2. Snap Patti, I made a tub of Hommous yesterday too, I added some mint (not in the recipe) and it was really yummy. So glad you are making Art again, I was beginning to worry LOL

  3. Your blog looks great - don't stop painting. Now that my studio has turned into Eliza's bedroom, my art stuff is behind the bar! Why have you stopped using the upper case "I"? The teacher in me keeps wanting to correct it!!:)

  4. Totally freaks me out as I sit here surrounded by the outside freezing temperatures and snow!


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