Tuesday, 2 December 2008

balancing act

thanks for your comments last post. i needed some balance. thank you siblings, suki, martie...

no, i don't want to 'become a nun', but i do want to become a yoga instructor. i checked with a yoga school to see what the requirements were for yoga teaching and the response was vegan, practice every day, no alcohol and moderate behaviour.

often yoga instructors are not moderate - one i read about drinks only rockmelon juice ie. no food. this is insane! my naturopath/dietitian tells me that my diet is excellent and well balanced. this should be enough i believe.

my body tells me that i need meat, not every day, but sometimes. vegan at the present time seems impossible to do and replacing food with supplements seems somehow wrong to me. i like to socialise with family and friends, so a drink now and then is enjoyable, but it's not the end of the world if i don't drink. i do like to practice every day, but my policy is 'family trumps all'.

now that my art studio is a yoga studio, i miss my art studio. i miss the colour and there are paintings queuing up inside my head that need to get out. it's a passion i find difficult to sit on.

passion is not moderate, being a strict vegetrarian is not moderate.

i will meditate some more on this.


  1. Hi Patti, :) love the elephant and your musings about being moderate. It is not so obvious to find balance in our world today. I'm looking forward to the experiences this will lead you through! Bon courage and have a good day

  2. Beautiful post! I am so happy to read you want to be a yoga instructor. This will be a wonderful journey.

    Now I'm off to my yoga class!

  3. wow, thanks for blogrolling me! and honey, if you want to talk about becoming a yoga teacher, just read my blog....;) :)

    it ain't your mother's yoga blog...


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