Saturday, 20 December 2008

aussie sunshine

here's some aussie sunshine for my friends snuggling up in the northern hemisphere.

can you imagine a hot summery christmastime?

cicadas chirruping, pavements too hot for bare feet, cold beer, sweat trickling down your back, purple agapanthus stalks blooming - everywhere, backyard christmas barbies in daylight saving time, beaches, sunscreen, seafood & sand. christmas carols outside on summer grass, electrical thunderstorms, ice cold air conditioning, lawnmowers droning, heavy humidity, evening walks to view christmas lights, swatting mozzies, mango juice trickling down your chin, doors and windows open wide, candles flickering in the breeze.

i wouldn't trade this for anything.


  1. I LOVE the idea of a warm and summery Christmas---LOVE LOVE LOVE it! xxoo, O

  2. Having lived in a desert, a tropical island, a sub-tropical island and your hemisphere -- YES, I can imagine and frequently dream about it. I find myself questioning my sanity as to why I chose to live here!

    Love your painting - and I love that you are sending us snow/ice folks some sunshine! Thank you!!

  3. I'm coming right over to see for meself. Thanks for all the hot images and the beautiful sunny painting. Have a sizzling Christmas "down under". Love, suki ps my secret code word today is under.


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