Monday, 8 December 2008

day of magic

if you are going to visit me, come on a monday afternoon. monday is drala day - or day of magic. some people call it housework, but i like to think of it as making good energy. like the boy santiago in the alchemist by paulo coelho, i 'polish the crystal'.

windows & doors are thrown open. beds are stripped & re-made. sheets & towels are washed to line dry in the sun. floors are mopped and vacuumed, mirrors & glass polished, bathrooms scrubbed, entrances swept & house plants given attention. everything is back in place after a weekend of family living.

today i have been burning incense in each room as a sort of weekly space clearing. sage is supposed to be burned here (and a gong should be banged!), but i'm improvising. out with the old energy & in with the new!
pic: 'ice flowers' - ink & watercolour


  1. Patty, your monday sounds great and makes me want to clean out my studio, throw stuff away and let the (cold :) air in:)
    Your iceflowers are beautiful, they are soothing, cooling.

  2. I never thought of housework as magic, but I like the idea! I need to get busy today. I think I'll take a page from your book (or a post from your blog!) and make some magic of my own!

    Another gorgeous work of art!

    And thanks - it's been ages since I've listed to Frampton!

  3. Excellent! Wow, you sure get a lot done on Mondays. Yes, drala...trying to declutter and organize and bring some of that into my home.
    I love this post! I love your artwork!
    (And I LOVE your orange clock!)

  4. Lovely blog! Found you through Bohemian Single Mom. I love to clear my house like that! I also like to reiki all the rooms to bring in good energy...your post is reminding me that it's time to do that again!

  5. This sounds like a wonderful ritual. Made me feel good just reading about it!

  6. Hello, I'm not so sure how I found your site but I'm glad I did, I will visit often. I so like your outlook!
    Please stop by my site as I have something for you.
    Mary Ann


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