Sunday, 28 December 2008

i am enough

if christmas has left you feeling that you were somehow not enough....

i am enough

i have enough

i love enough

i risk enough

i fill enough

i get enough

i handle enough

i am loved enough

i am healed enough

i am ready enough

i am enough

thanks to olivia, who posted this poem a while back. i have reproduced it here.

'frolicking fish' - water colour & ink


  1. Oh, I love what you did with this, Patti, with your beautiful art. What perfect timing as well. Thank YOU, O

  2. Thanks for this enough poem. Should recite it every day. Love the frolicking fish. Be well and have a creative new year.

  3. Beautiful art work and words. Thanks to you both! Enough is a hard concept to learn, but well worth the effort!

  4. thanks for posting this--a lovely painting and a lovely reminder!


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