Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Verbs

I have just finished reading 'Life is A Verb' by Patti Digh of 37 Days. A very inspirational book.

You might like to read some of the posts on Patti's blog too - stories of what others would do with only 37 days remaining of their life. They are deeply touching.

what would I do?

My 37 days (my verbs): yoga; meditate; create; give; love; share; read; sing; eat; feel; garden; smell; touch; taste; see; hear; walk; pray; laugh;

everyday things magnified.

it's all so simple really.

Friday, 15 August 2008

The Wafting Wind

I have not posted poetry for ages and found this one that I wrote last year which you might enjoy;

The Wafting Wind

Under a grand oak tree canopy,

dark with shade & fragrant with rich, musty earth,

a flurry of leaves floated & fluttered and fell.

So I climbed upon one

& was carried away by the wafting wind.

Over steep, red rooftops & winding, dusty roads,

past soaring white seagulls & a lonely lighthouse,

where the glittery, turquoise sea meets the soft, yellow sand.

Dancing waves threw salty spray in my eyes and

before I could cry into the sea

the wafting wind lifted my leaf

in a swirl, with a flourish & a twirl.

I was trapped in a sail taut & white,

while sailors pulled ropes below on the wet, shiny deck,

too busy to notice my turbulent flight..

Before I could grasp the weathered, wooden mast,

the wafting wind returned

to carry me back past soaring white seagulls,

over a lonely lighthouse & winding, dusty roads.

Over steep, red rooftops,

to rest under a grand oak tree canopy,

dark with shade & fragrant with rich, musty earth.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

be brave: standing on my head

Brave thing this week;
I approached a headstand with confidence and went up with ease. Yay! It's now back into my practice after a couple of years avoiding it, for fear of aggravating a neck injury. Conversely, headstands make your neck and shoulders strong and flexible. I feel I did the right thing using caution though.

I remember when I first began learning to do a headstand. I spent many a day trying (too hard) to master it, falling down backwards and forwards, going red in the face, feeling disoriented and dizzy. It took a lot of bravery back then to keep going back for more. For so long I just didn't get it and my ego didn't like this one bit! However, I persevered.

The day I achieved it was when I finally managed to string together all the elements required - breath, bravery, concentration, poise, balance & alignment, abdominal strength, letting go of ego and finally, grace. And like riding a bike, once you learn, you never forget.

Picture: journal page doodling, the middle awaits some writing.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I Am.........

A longish meme I found on Dove Love's Points and Passions which you are welcome to share;

I am: a child of the universe......
I think: deeply
I feel: peaceful
I have: faith
I know: there is magic all around
I wish: on the evening star
I hate: bullies
I miss: summer
I fear:
mental confusion
I hear: silence
I smell: organic chai
I crave: the grittiness of life - have you read 'The Razors Edge' by Somerset Maugham?
I search: and often find, the magic that is out there
I wonder: a lot, about time travel/quantum physics - are people travelling back in time as we speak? I believe they are.
I regret: not going to art college at 18 yrs
I love: family, art, yoga, dark chocolate, chai, film noir
I ache: for people less fortunate than me
I am not: pessimistic
I believe: in a responsive universe
I dance: in the kitchen
I sing:
out loud, often
I cry: under intense pressure
I fight: to keep my integrity
I win: when I am conscious
I lose: when I am not conscious
I never: say never
I always: have breakfast
I confuse: when I meet ambiguity
I listen: to sixties music - Woodstock era
I am scared: less often these days
I need: yoga
I can usually be found: making art
I imagine:
colourful paintings in my head
I am happy about: practicing yoga


Wordle - It's fun - you try!