Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Deep Breaths!

I'd love a nice ordered room like this one right about now!  Living with everything packed in boxes is not much fun!   I'm missing things.  Such as my paints. They're well and truly out of reach and I'm starting to pout!  Our bathrooms are in disarray, thanks to some repair work that's being done and I am keen for a bit of zen...... We have less than two weeks before we move and I can't wait!

On the bright side, we have lots of potted plants to move and luckily we are able to do this early, saving us time on moving day.  Breathing deeply......

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Some Journal Pages

This is what I have been doing lately in the journal.  We had a journal session at my place yesterday and decided to explore the Bagua Map.  We used affirmation cards to help map each of the nine 'treasures'.  My main card was 'harmony' and it was a good fit!

Then we applied the Bagua Map to my new place and identified areas that were 'missing'.  These are patio areas and I will enhance with lush potted plants and decorative items.

Is this how it is in the northern hemisphere?  All cosy scarves, red cheeks and leaves gone from the trees?

Here in the south, it is more mermaid weather....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Wearing Your Passion

I found this wonderful piece of wisdom here  I love the bit about turning off the tv!  It also made me realise how little travel I have done lately, so next year some plans to go exploring.  A road trip maybe!
I believe I wear my passion for a creative life and wonder what your passion might be? 


This journal page will become a painting on canvas once I settle in to my new studio space.  It is kind of rough, but I had to get the idea down fast once it found itself in my head.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Piece of Calm

Garden Buddha

This is a sketch of a foot-high buddha that usually sits in my garden.  Lately he has been sitting in the centre of my dining room table for safe keeping while we dismantle the house.  A piece of calm amid the storm!  He has a slightly green patina from living outside, but I like it that way, it makes him look ancient, even though he was only bought a few years ago at Eumundi Markets in Queensland for a sweet $15!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Villa

Here are some purple pages in the journal...  I weakened and unpacked a box with paints in it! No staying power!

Our new home will be a Villa ...no photos yet!  It is three bedrooms with french doors off the main bedroom, an open plan living/dining space and a nice spacious kitchen.  A bathroom and laundry too, of course!  We will have a screened-in north facing sunroom (the best aspect when you're down under), a few patio areas, a garage and a utility area out the back for the clothes line etc. 

There is a garden out the front that will be mostly maintenance free.  After having such a big house and garden here, we are looking forward to spending our time doing other things, so this is a good thing. 
Our garden will now be in tubs ... herbs & vegetables, geraniums, fig trees and a couple of clivea's.

The property is on one level, so goodbye stairs too!  There is a large, vacant tract of land opposite us, so at the moment, it is a pleasant outlook. .  Just a few more weeks to go!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Mango Season

All that I have left unpacked from my studio are colored pencils, texta pens and a couple of fine tip markers, so I combined them to make this page.  Half a woman's face with snake-like hair...

I really love the idea of fearless painting - fearless anything really!  Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio and Kim, Queen of Arts have led the way with great results.  Can't wait to get my paints back, I'm feeling fearless! :)

We had a glorious, hot, blue sky, spring day today and I ate my first mango of the season - juicy and beautiful! Here's hoping your weather is beautiful, wherever you are!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


This is not as sparkly and silvery as it is in the flesh, but you get the idea!

We have practically finished packing with the exception of some clothes, basic kitchen essentials and a couple of lamps.  We are up to week two of a six week deadline, so we're doing very well!

There is a heap of stuff to go to the council tip, more still to be handed onto the Salvation Army.  I feel blessed that we have so much and burdened by it all at the same time.  It feels good to pass it all on.  We are moving on to a simpler lifestyle at our new place, that's for sure!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Journaling Among the Boxes

Yesterday I held another journal class in my home surrounded by semi-packed boxes and naturally, it was a lot of fun!  Our theme was to create a map and we each went off in different directions with this idea.  I decided to follow my heart....

This is Marisa and Jen who both took to art journaling like ducks to water! 

Then we went on to draw self-portraits and because I had a happy accident where I closed the journal and imprinted on the other page, this one became a 'reflection in the mirror'!