Thursday, 27 August 2009

The Artist's Hands

Inspired by a recent Judy Wise post, these are my own hands painted in my journal. There is magic and energy in our hands when we create. We really are amazing creatures, if we stop to think about it - the things we are capable of....

I have picked a winner of the 'Red Tree'. Congratulations Olivia! After you've finished doing the happy dance O, please send me your details, and I'll send it across the waves :)

Monday, 24 August 2009


You haven't stumbled upon the wrong blog, I've made some spur of the moment spring-time changes!

Welcome to my Universe has now become BlissFruit, where I share the fruits of my creative bliss!

I hope you like the new name, it was fun to brainstorm. Of course you are still welcome to come here and enjoy my art!

To kick-off the changes I am having a give-away. If you would like to win the 6" x 12" canvas of the 'Red Tree' from this post (and on my new header), please leave a comment! Lots of luck!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Surrender & Trust

I fell in love with this beautiful poem, 'First Lesson' written by New England poet Philip Booth for his daughter....


Lie back daughter, let your head be tipped back in the cup of my hand. Gently, and I will hold you. Spread your arms wide, lie out on the stream and look high at the gulls. A dead-man’s float is face down. You will dive and swim soon enough where this tidewater ebbs to the sea. Daughter, believe me, when you tire on the long thrash to your island, lie up and survive. As you float now where I held you and let go, remember when fear cramps your heart what I told you; lie gently and wide to the light-year stars, lie back, and the sea will hold you.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Little Piece of Paradise

I have been busy painting trees in different colour combinations on 6" x 12" canvas. They're fun to paint and being only small, they're quick to finish - very satisfying!

I have picked up The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, for a third time. Living in this moment does bring fullness to life and although I know this, I felt the need of a reminder. Each reading brings a fresh perspective and makes me realise how far I have come spiritually. I want my children to read this book.

This morning when I walked, the sky was a gentle blue and it was softly hazy over the water. I found a seat on a hill where we could see the boats moored and a fisherman sitting hunched in a little dinghy. Jess the border-collie and I sat and took in the breathtaking moment.

On the waters edge there was a large fig tree with good strong branches. Someone had installed a treehouse up there and a swing made out of rope. The grass was still wet with dew and you could see little grey fish darting about in the shallows. I just couldn't get enough of this little piece of paradise. We sucked it all in through our pores and turned and walked back up the hill.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Spring Snapshot

I brought these jonquils home in a fit of Spring Fever and ended up with Hay Fever :) for three days! They have been put outside out of harms way.

Yesterday was so exquisitely beautiful I just couldn't spend it indoors. I pruned wayward branches & tidied the garden - always good for the soul to be in the garden in Spring.

Lots of walking along our plentiful stretches of waterfront - it keeps me well, so I don't like to miss a day.

I'm in the middle of a new painting that is going well, but slowly, thanks to the call of the outdoors. I get twitchy & antsy at this time of year. We are programmed to be this way, so I don't fight it!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Growers Market by the Sea

My daughter and I visited a local beachside growers market on the weekend. The produce was all fresh and seasonal and the atmosphere was great - a string quartet in the background and later, a group singing 'By the Rivers of Babylon' left us feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Between us we bought leeks for Sunday dinner, a bunch of celery, a punnet of fat strawberries, gluten free muesli bars and a large bunch of early jonquils. Ahh ... Spring!