Saturday, 30 June 2012

Birthday Week

Trees.  I just love them!  Another visit to my local primary school went well.  I chose trees as the theme for our art and there were some wonderful and interesting results.  Kids are so observant!

A busy week in the shoe store culminated in my birthday celebrations - a birthday cake complete with sparklers and candles right in the middle of the store while I was serving a customer, lots of cards and gifts and well wishes.  Then dinner at 'Onda' restaurant at Terrigal with my closest family being the icing on the birthday cake!  Thankyou everyone for a very special day!

I am preparing for a co-exhibit at Hornsby Library (near where I work) with Judy, a dear artist friend of mine.  She also has colourful art work and our exhibit title is "Colour Effervescence" reflecting the one thing that unites our art. Lots to do. lots of excitement!

Another market at Kibble Park, Gosford (8am till 1pm) is coming up soon on the 14th July and I can't wait!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Teaching and Learning

Yesterday I headed off to one of our local public schools, on their invitation, to be a part of their 'Artist in Residence Program'

I had three sessions of Years 4 to 6 and we painted tropical fish in beautiful colours and exciting patterns, with seaweed, coral and other sea creatures like crabs and jelly fish.  The kids were amazing and produced sensational results! They taught me a lot!  By my third session I was feeling more at ease with my teaching skills.  I am back for more next week and I am so looking forward to it!

Today was my regular journal class with Jen and Judy.  We collaged with the idea of creating a tapestry or weaving.  I have been watching lots of Bollywood movies lately and my choice of colours in fabrics, papers and 'bits and pieces' was heavily influenced by India and those beautiful saris!  Hope you like the little bird!

Friday, 15 June 2012


My studio has had a few changes over the years. I've been in bedrooms, loungerooms, family rooms, and on my lap!

Today I have a designated room in our three bedroom villa, so special to me!

I have a long trestle table to do the bulk of my artwork on and now, i have a second glass topped table to take my iPad and completed artworks. I kept searching for extra space to put things and now I have it!  My studio is working so well and I am very happy with the arrangement. It's complicated and messy, yet somehow it is organized!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

One Big Step

I'm thinking about how one big step out into the world can lead to so many opportunities!  I am scheduled to teach a bunch of school children next week in the ways of my art, and I am about to launch an evening art journal class for some lovely working ladies in a couple of weeks, and preparing for a local art competition too!

My June market was successful in many ways, not least of which was selling a few paintings and bookmarks and I loved people-watching as they wine tasted and cheese tasted, while listening to the Gosford City Jazz Band entertain us, and of course taking in my art too!  All under beautiful blue sky, sunny, winter skies!

So I am back in the studio making art to sell and keep the wheels chugging along!  Loving my days and sometimes evenings, creating!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Winter Cosiness

winter cosiness
Carla Blazek has posted her summer to-do list and it is filled with wonderful things, go check it out!

However, i'm a southern hemisphere girl and I thought I would post my winter to-do list from down-under!

  • cook something (anything!) warm and hearty
  • snuggle in for a sleep-in at least once a week!
  • wear my Planet boots (flat, side-zip ankle boots in vintage stone)
  • enjoy my air conditioning
  • sit in my north facing sun room with Max and enjoy the winter rays
  • spend quality time in my studio with my new lamp
  • take Jess the border collie for a long walk
  • eat lots of bright orange imperial mandarins
  • shuffle about in my slippers
  • take hot showers
  • watch movies
  • eat mustard
  • sink into big fluffy doonas
  • have lots of early nights
  • light candles!
I think you get the picture!

Happy 'transit of Venus' to everyone, something we all share!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


Today has been rainy and cold, grey and misty.  Light in my studio was becoming a problem, so I ventured out in the weather to buy a new one.  I found a nice fluoro light with a purple base, my favourite colour and now my desk is bright like a sunny day!

I've been creating self portraits in preparation for a portrait prize I hope to enter soon.  My daughter, one of my very first subjects, has volunteered to be my model and I'm looking forward to painting her yet again!

Journaling has been ebbing and flowing with my busy life, weaving a lovely tapestry of me.  Just what it's all about!