Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Gerberas Underway

I've been painting Gerberas, thanks to a lovely lady who asked me to create a painting for her!  Gerberas were her suggestion and I've been having a wonderful time merging them with Cold Wax and Oils!  I've already completed one painting and this is the second one underway (50 cm X 80cm).  If it works out my niece may choose to have it as a gift.  I hope she likes it!  If not it goes in my kitchen!

I'm loving creating more expressive paintings.  They are free and easy compared to the watercolour and ink I've been doing.  Good for my artist's soul!

Lots of things underway at my place, not least thinking about replacing my cook top that has decided to go on the blink!  There's always something, isn't there?

The weather was incredibly warm for a July day today and I enjoyed pottering around the villa, tidying up, cleaning, moving things around, feeling the false Spring vibes!

And, looking forward to a new local market place next month for hand made items only.  May well be my kind of market!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Beginning Stages

This is a pencil sketch of a bunch of native Australian flowers I arranged in a large jug.  I took them out on my sunroom yesterday and studied them for a couple of hours.  It is only in the beginning stages here.  Tomorrow I will hopefully complete the sketch and tidy up the scraggy bits!

It feels great to get back to the basics of drawing & sketching.  It takes sensitivity, time and practice to get there!  I don't do this enough!

Sunday, 7 July 2013


This painting is a test piece for a commission I will be working on soon.  Gerberas were requested and it will be a taller piece than it is wide.  This one is a little 'shabby chic' in style and looks great in full light.

I have been planning and scheming here at the Villa and will soon be taking a new direction in life, all being well!  A little enigmatic, I know!  Wish me luck!

This afternoon was a perfect winters day, full of blue sky and sunshine.  I took my sketch pad out onto my sunroom and sketched a large jug full of native Australian flowers, bought for myself for my birthday.  It's turning out nicely, with still more to do.  Also sketched Jess the Border Collie briefly, for as long as she sat still for me!

Afterwards, I took my son for another driving lesson around our suburb.  He cruises along nicely while I chill!

Smells like dinner is ready!  Have a great weekend!