Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

Lucky me...I've accepted an offer of a part-time job selling/fitting shoes and will be off to work in a couple of weeks - no longer a lady of leisure!  I'm so looking forward to it!  It will be good to get out into the working world again after a few years break.  I'll still have time for making art so it's a good balance, important for wellbeing.

I hope Spring and Sunshine is emerging up there in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here Down Under, I'm sipping iced water in front of an electric fan and longing for some cool autumn days!  It's a topsy turvy world!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

We are Australian

The Floods in Australia have been devastating and viewing this 'flashmob' raises money for flood victims.  The song they sing makes Australians everywhere go all wobbly.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

From Yin to Yang

Living Room
Our living room, once a fairly 'yin' nook has now become a cosy and colourful 'yang' space.  I painted this canvas inspired by our new red rug.  The other wall above the other sofa needs another painting of mine for balance.... back to the easel I go!

I am searching for some new lamps and maybe a standard lamp to read by and will be re-staining the old coffee table as soon as I can muster some of that kind of painting energy.  Then onto the sunroom!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Ferry Trip

Ettalong Wharf

Today I went on a ferry trip across the water from where I live on the Central Coast to the Barrenjoey
Headland and Palm Beach.  The day started off rainy, then blue sky took over.  Beautiful!

The Bay

A friend lives over that way and we met up to have lunch at a cafe at the beach, then we sat outside on her balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean to have afternoon tea and blueberry cake.  Really magical!


While I waited for the ferry, I walked along the beach, shooed some seagulls and watched the boats.

The Palm Beach Wharf

The ferry came at 4pm and I was home again by 5.  Tired but happy!

The Ferry

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


The past week was a mega heatwave, not good for doing anything much except staying cool.  By contrast, this week has been lovely temps and it's a pleasure to be out walking, doing a little yoga and pottering in the garden.  Autumn is my favourite season and I am really looking forward to more of it.

Today I'm off to buy a canvas for a big painting, I haven't done one for at least six months and I'm feeling the urge again.  My living area needs a painting with some lovely reds and oranges, so this one will be for me.

The above journal page was not intended to be a haiku, yet almost was one! 

Here is a proper haiku;

heatwave wore us down
rainfall and humidity
cool change came at last

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Holidays are over and I've reined myself in - back to mostly vegetarian foods, plenty of protein, dropping as much sugar as possible and drinking lots of water.  Snacks like carrots with homemade hummous or berries with natural yoghurt are delicious!  Saturday is treat day and I'm allowed to eat whatever I like and maybe have a glass of wine as well.  I find this is a good balance.

I'm back to morning walks along the waterfront, then along my favorite street - Florence Street, around the block and back to sit for a while under the trees.  Today was just perfect out there - a lovely high tide, magpies chortling, seagulls swooping and boats bobbing in the water... making the most of it!