Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Tea Party

Yesterday afternoon I went to a tea party for my friend Jen's 50th Birthday. We ate gorgeous homemade cupcakes, chocolate slices, lemon tarts, delicate sandwiches and mini quiches, all washed down with a variety of teas, sipped from gorgeous cups. A beautiful old-fashioned tradition we should try and visit more often!

A Tea Reader told us interesting things about tea and taught us how to read the leaves in our own cup - which cup is the best for a reading (a rounded smooth cup) how to swirl the leaves around, when to up-end your cup, how many times to turn the cup, always ending with the handle pointing towards your heart. How to be patient and intuit what the cup is showing you.

In my first cup, I found a map of Australia with Papua New Guinea above it and a winged creature - either a dragon or dragon-fly, butterfly or bird - I'm still not sure which it was.

Later in the afternoon, I had my aura, palm and tea leaves read by a Romanian born gypsy called Inge, as we sat under the shade of a tree in the backyard, windchimes tinkling in the background.

We left the party feeling very well fed, with thoughts, images and suggestions swirling around in our heads and a jar of home-made pickles in our hands (made by Jen's Mum). Happy Birthday Jen!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Creating Space

This morning I looked in my wardrobe and it was not in very good shape!

Where did all those clothes come from that I don't wear, because I don't like them, don't fit into them, no longer have a lifestyle that matches them, or do wear, knowing they are not quite me?

So every little thing had to be pulled out and thrown on the bed for sorting - clothes, bags, belts, scarves, hats - anything that didn't pass scrutiny was packed into the charity bag. I now have oodles of spare coat-hangers, loads of space and a beautifully sorted (if sparse) wardrobe. I even found some items I didn't know I had! This has created space for new clothes when they find me, clothes that I hope will reflect 'me' in a more authentic way.

Then on to the spare room to sort through stacks of children's books, puzzles and toys from when my children were small. It brought back lots of happy memories of reading much loved bed-time stories to sleepy children. So many sweet and intimate moments with each of them. Time to move them on now (with the exception of a few sentimental treasures), so others can enjoy them.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Tropical Downpour

On Sunday I visited a tropical plant nursery with a few kindred spirits of mine - we found loads of gorgeous bromeliads, orchids and colourful, stripey crotons (see below)

The day was hot and sultry and we just managed to finish eating our brunch in the cafe, surrounded by palms and ferns (in the distant company of a celebrity, who I shall politely allow to remain nameless), when the tropical downpour came! Lizards, two feet long, scuttled about and steam rose from the paved pathways. A magical day!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

She Dreams of Spring

Mother Nature, deep in a quiet, white winter sleep, dreams of Spring... tiny buds sprout at her fingertips, butterflies flutter at her breast, the snowbird brings the first green leaves for her approval ....

From snowbirds to songbirds - a musical delight - Diane Birch - listen here and here

Monday, 11 January 2010

Feeling The Heat

Yesterday was so oppressively hot, it was a relief to head down to a local beach with friends to see an art exhibit (very worthwhile) held at the surf club. Afterwards we sipped a cold glass of wine on the balcony, so needing that cool ocean breeze! The only way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon!

This journal page is of course the hot, hot sun and a label from some sandalwood soap I bought years ago at a Buddhist Institute. Not sure why the label is here on this page, I'm still scratching my head about this. I do love the smell of this soap though. The wording on the label says 'Sandalwood ~ For Courage ~ not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them'

I'm nearing the end of my first ever journal, having only three pages left to go. I thought I might tidily end the year in this one, but it was not to be. Last of all I will collage the outside of the journal, currently a plain black. The next one sits waiting for some new ideas and techniques...and on we go into 2010...

Monday, 4 January 2010

starlight & moonlight

An old castle bathed in starlight. A rare, blue flower blooming in the faint glow of a new moon. Tangled, green vines reaching upwards..... energy, growth, hope & stability... ?? I like to think so!

Journaling as art therapy is something I find really interesting. The idea that letting your conscious mind recede while doing something creative, allows the sub-conscious to come forward and express itself.

I've seen this in action while writing 'morning pages' (Julie Cameron - 'The Artist's Way') and since I don't do a lot of diary writing these days, I like to look back at my own art journaling. What is it that I might be trying to tell myself, or express. Sometimes it can be nothing at all - it's just a piece of art. Sometimes there is more to it. Self-portraits in particular, can be very telling.

I need to read some books on the subject, find out more. Maybe see what Carl Jung had to say...