Sunday, 28 October 2012

Small Spaces

My tiny office space.....  I love my small spaces in the villa, they are so intimate and cosy!

We lived for a long time in a large home with many bedrooms and living spaces, yet our snug villa is so much more inviting. 

I have bought my 2013 Diary already and am looking forward to filling it up.  Planning  a small holiday for early next year after a predictably busy January.  Life is full!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


On Sunday I travelled south on a silver train to Sydney's harbourside Kirribilli.  I was visiting my daughter for the day.

Kirribilli Markets were on and full of a lovely vibe!  We browsed for a while then I bought a French inspired shopping bag (I love it!) some scented melts for my oil burner and a divine loaf of rasberry & pear bread  (now sliced and frozen for future treats).

Markets make you hungry, so we wandered off to find a place to eat lunch and settled on Yum Cha and a pot of green tea on an upstairs veranda, overlooking a leafy street lined with Golden Robinia trees.

I got to share some valuable together time with my daughter, we don't see each other enough!

Afterwards we went for a walk along the harbour, alive with people and watercraft.  We sat and talked till the shadows grew long.  Then back home again on the train alongside the Hawkesbury River.