Friday, 24 January 2014

Becoming a Student

Saratoga View

This year I will begin life as a part-time University student, having been offered a place in a Fine Arts Degree program.  Exciting days ahead, enrolling, organizing a timetable and consequently my life around it all.

I decided that this was what I wanted to do back in June last year and submitted my portfolio for assessment in November.  Here we are in January and now I'm on my way!

This month has also been a busy one for me in the Shoe Store.  It's 'Back to School' here in Australia and thousands of school children have been coming in to be fitted for their school shoes (compulsory sturdy, black leather shoes).  Exhausting!  I'm even dreaming about shoes in my sleep!

However, we have a holiday coming up, with plenty of time to relax at home, attend to pre-autumn garden chores and prepare myself for the year ahead.  Hopefully taking in some peaceful views like the one above!