Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Vineyards

Today my family and friends went on a bus tour of the Hunter Valley, a wine producing region in New South Wales.  We were celebrating my sister Helen's 60th birthday and re-connecting with each other.  There were views to die for............

Lambloch Vinyard

Lambloch Winery

Wine tasting with sisters, in-laws, niece, nephew, my daughter and son, friends.............


Grapevines galore....... then a stopover at a cheese tasting......

Lunch at Bluetongue
A delicious lunch.......... then another stopover at a chocolate shop......

Blueberry Hill Winery

Lastly, more wine tasting at this small boutique winery on Blueberry Hill ............

Blueberry Hill Winery

Then home again on the bus....

Monday, 14 November 2011

Out and About

I went to the Hen's Nite of a friend on Saturday at The Arabian Lounge overlooking The Entrance, a seaside location near where I live.  By candlelight, we sat on ornate poufs, ate Lebanse food and watched a Belly Dancer perform.  Some of us visited a fortune teller! We danced the night away and smoked from an apple flavoured Hookah finishing off the night with coffee & Baklava.  It was heaps of fun!

Back here on earth, I have joined a Yogalates class since the gym didn't work out for me, my hours being so variable. We take over the top floor of the Surf Club with million dollar views of the beach, lay out our mats and spend 90 mins stretching and strengthening. Today, a very hot day, a sea mist rolled in, totally blocking out the horizon and any view of the beach. Amazingly, it disappeared as fast as it arrived. I love doing this class!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

......and a little bit me.

This journal page is  a little bit 'Klee' and a little bit me!

Today was hot and humid so I headed down to the beach for a little R & R and to drop in on a craft market being held there.  However everyone else had the same idea and I couldn't find parking anywhere!  Not to be discouraged, I drove to another waterfront location and enjoyed morning tea, while watching the bobbing boats, seagulls and other picnickers playing cricket on the grass.  I read the Sunday papers and attempted a sketch or two.  A totally relaxing morning!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Patchwork Fish

A patchwork fish design....

I have been enjoying my days off and today I watched the Melbourne Cup .  It is such an important race day for most Australians, we reckon it should be a public holiday!  A French horse "Dunaden" won today by a whisker!

Interesting fact: Did you know that Australian racehorses receive chiropractic care, because it makes them run faster?