Friday, 17 June 2011

Weaving It All Together

For a while now I have had a great balance in my life and it has felt so good to know that all the corners of life's bread have been buttered.  This week I accepted the offer of extra work to cover sick and annual leave. 

I have enjoyed working the extra, but have been amazed at the tilt in balance.  Clothes, sheets and towels are being washed, thanks to my hubby, but there is a pile up in washing baskets waiting to be ironed.  Shopping needs to be done late at night, animals need cleaning up after and this must wait till I get to it.  My son talks ten to the dozen when I get home, catching up on lost time.  My studio gathers dust!

I will have a healthy pay packet which will pay for some framing of artworks, so I am really happy with this.  Still, the balance thing is important to me.  This week has been a reminder of this.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Some glimpses of paintings I've been playing with..... letting my imagination go wild...

Work has been busy, since it's mid-year sale time in the store.  So I will return to the studio again once I get back to my normal hours.

Tonight we are going to watch my son perform a guitar piece at a local music-restaurant venue.  Lots of excitement here!

Not much else to report, life has been chugging along nicely here at the villa.  A little cold in the mornings and evenings with pale sunshine during the day. Taking my vitamins and keeping warm...