Sunday, 27 October 2013

In The City

This weekend I headed down to the city to help my sister celebrate her 60th birthday.  It's a hard life!


I stayed with my daughter and began the weekend with a picnic lunch beside the harbour.

My Daughter

 Then later we dressed up and headed into the city to my sister's apartment for the weekend for cocktails. Then off to dinner with family at a harbourside restaurant at The Rocks.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House at Night

In the morning my daughter & I walked across the harbour bridge to gather again with family for a hearty breakfast - poached eggs & bacon.  Afterwards we wandered around the Sunday markets before hopping on a ferry back across the harbour, getting off at Luna Park.

Luna Park
My sister had a ball and so did we!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Contemplation at the Villa

I've been busy in the outdoors this Spring, creating a meditative area complete with sunlounge, praying buddha and a few plants.  This spot used to contain our rubbish bins (now relocated) and is now transformed into a private, contemplative spot.

This is my front courtyard enjoying the sunshine.  I need some herbs planted here, they would love it!

My painting efforts have slowed down a little.  Springtime is for the outdoors and I get antsy if I have to sit inside for too long!

However, we still need our quiet times indoors reading and I recently bought a book called Gypsy by Sibella Court.  A lovely look at interiors & colour through the eyes of a seasoned traveller.  Very inspiring, I can recommend it!

Monday, 7 October 2013

Spring Colours

Our garden at the villa is putting on a show for us, with even more plants laden with buds, ready to pop open any minute.  Love the colour of this bromeliad!

Parlour Palm
These parlor palms sit in my sun room.  They enjoy the shelter and warmth there.

Red Geranium
Geraniums are always good value, very hardy and pretty too!

Pink Geranium

 Lavender.  I cut it back hard after last seasons flowers finished and it has burst into life again.

Tahitian Lime
 This is one of the few edible plants in our garden.  Lovely limes, perfect added to a cold glass of sparkling mineral water on a hot day!

We have three mature bottlebrush trees in our garden and the lorikeets love them too!

Happy Springtime!