Thursday, 31 March 2011


I've been.....

Drinking coffee out of my new mugs, found at the Salvation Army Op Shop.  I love the orangeyness of them...

Wearing my new red work shoes. Sensible, yet stylish!  :)

Walking Jess the border collie down at my favourite waterfront spot.  Always beautiful...

Planning my next art journaling class...

And... Birdwatching on my back fence...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Riot of Flowers

This was a decorative meditation where I just didn't know when to stop!

I just kept going and ....

going and going......

Saturday, 26 March 2011


Back in the studio again after a break while getting into the working girl thing.  Had fun this afternoon allowing words to be my inspiration for these little paintings.  Dream ...  I am actually dreaming of papier mache....  plans are evolving in my head to make some sculptures, painted brightly, of course!

I think this hillside needs some flowers...

This one was inspired by 'swim', however I left no room to include the actual word on this little painting. 

Cool and rainy weather is predicted for tomorrow, so I will settle in for more word painting tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Life Goes On

Processing all manner of stuff in my journal... earthquakes, tsunami's, floods, fires, war ..... feeling overwhelmed by all the disasters.  I can only give money and say prayers.  This will have to be enough.

Life goes on at the villa in spite of the rest of the world's troubles.  Working life is suiting me well.  I am really enjoying the challenges of selling.  It's fun and quite a buzz when you match up the customer with their perfect shoe.  Everybody's happy!

I have added a plant to my studio and in the background you can see the sad looking patio waiting for more plants and a new table & chairs to inject some life into it.

This is a Tahitian Lime tree I bought at the Nursery last week, along with a big fat pot of basil.  It needs to be potted up into its tub and I'm looking forward to having limes for my stir fry's and to slice up and splash into drinks.  Lovely!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Plans for the Patio

Beautiful autumn days have arrived and it's the start of the soccer season - back to Sunday afternoons on the sideline watching Phil's team play. I am enjoying my well earned days off and yesterday afternoon, sat out on our patio reading and listening to the radio, making plans for its makeover.  We have decided we will shop for a new outdoor table and chairs - I think a wooden one with colourful cushions.   And we'll need to plant something in a few big tubs to screen the not so pretty clothesline .  I'm looking forward to a trip to the plant nursery this afternoon to see what will grow on a hot, west facing patio.  It will need to be tough, tall and pretty....

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

On My Feet

My first week learning about all the shoes in the large store I work for has been challenging, but in a good way.  I've been re-learning how to fit shoes, especially for people who need to wear orthotics or who have difficult-to-fit feet and also for growing children.  The stock reaches high to the ceiling and there are multiple storerooms.  And speaking of feet, I am on mine all day, tumbling into bed well and truly ready for sleep each night.

The bonus of working in this particular town is the vintage cafe called the Beez Kneez just around the corner.  There are very comfy lounge chairs to sink into, ambient music, great food, coffee and service with lovely old vintage wares everywhere.  So I begin my day here and pop in for lunch too.  Very relaxing!

The bromeliad in the pic above I yanked out of the garden a couple of weeks ago and threw into an old pot sans soil.  It has responded by flowering beautifully!