Friday, 21 November 2008

happy yogini feet

i normally practice yoga anywhere i can find a quiet space, which means toting all my gear from room to room. this week i packed up my art materials & easel (dramatic in one sense, but from a different perspective, not so dramatic), took my art table out of the room and turned the space into a yoga studio, where i can 'summa iru' (simply be).

yesterday i began a morning asana practice in this lovely sun filled room (quite literally, salutes to the sun) in addition to an afternoon practice. non-yogis out there may think this extreme, but i feel wonderful - calmness. clarity. physical ease. grace under pressure.

the more challenging postures like headstand, full backbend & now full lotus are coming more easily now that my practice has progressed and i have begun pranayama now also.

this book by australian yoga teacher alix johnson: yoga: the essence of life, interviews eight prominent yoga teachers. it is a fasinating look at the many different yoga paths. sadly, the teacher i found the most inspirational, muktanand meannjin, died before the book was completed. (she lived in the 'bihar school of yoga' ashram for twelve years, then later taught in brisbane, queensland).

i love this video of b.k.s. iyengar practicing back in 1938. this 'guruji' is such an example to the world, whatever age you might be - born in 1918 and still going strong! he was apparently voted one of the 'top 100 most influential people' by time magazine. his yoga teachings have been a huge influence on me - if only i had a ticket to india!


  1. Patti, what sweet feet, shoes and carpet you have. Wonderful to have a room for yoga. One needs space doesnt one, arms flung this way and that, legs curled this way and that. Recently I have been practicing at least two times a day, best is three. I do sleep better with three. Two of those times may be l hour sessions. I love yoga so much. Will follow your links on a second go through. Thanks.

    But i must ask, now where will you Paint???

  2. Congratulations, Patti, on your own yoga studio! And two practices a day - you are an inspiration!

    I studied under a wonder lady when I lived in Okinawa. She is a fellow-countryman of yours and is now in Bryan Bay (hope that I spelled that correctly). She is an amazing woman and yogi - and inspired me so much. Her web site is if you are interested.

    I had let my practice slip, and have just discovered a basic class is being taught at a local YMCA. I've started going there and find it rewarding to be returning to my practice. I need to develop my daily routine again.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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